Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yesterday and today we have been busy running tests that involve the use of marbles acting as rocks in the sand. We ran a test with 90 marbles outside the column and 7 marbles inside the column. This test was ran using the Lake Superior sand. The marbles were placed in 6 inches of sand then the marbles and then another 3 inches of Superior sand above the layer of marbles. Another test we ran dealt with the Duck Creek sand. We finally got to test it after the mishap of the glassware breaking. David will be blogging later talking about how these tests compare with what he is running through Matlab. Today when we came into the lab, another large glass container had cracked sometime over night. Due to this we were unable to run the setup that was in the glass container. Tomorrow we will be testing the hydraulic conductivity in the Superior sand when the marbles are at 3 inches in the sand and the column is always above that layer.

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