Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday....A Little late

Today we ran the set up with a layer of 100 marbles below the column another time. The times this time were slower than the trial we did the last time we met, but I am not sure what this did to our k-values, and I haven't compared the data between the two trials. The F-65 sand that we are using seems to take a long time to settle, so it is possible that when we ran the falling head test with this set-up before the sand was not fully settled. We let the sand sit for the weekend before running the test again so the sand should have been settled this time. We got another column, replacing the one that broke when we were going to test the Duck Creek sand last week. Because we thought that there is a problem with the F-65 sand and settling, we are planning on letting each set up settle overnight. Yesterday we prepped another marble layer test. this time the marble layer is 3" deep. the marble layer is present inside the column and outside the column. We also prepped the other container with some of the Duck Creek sand in an attempt to actually measure the k-values this time. The Duck Creek sand causes the water to be very cloudy and murky, so we are allowing this sand to set up overnight in an effort to let the water clear up so we can actually see the column inside to read the measurements.

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