Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today we finished up the falling head testing of the Lake Superior sand. We now have 10 trials for the Lake Superior sand and the f-65 sands, which are the 2 sands we will be focusing on when we start with the layering of the sands. We wanted to choose the 2 sands that had distinctly different k-values which would be the F-50 and the F-65, but these 2 sands are the same color. The Lake Superior sand is a much darker color and has a k-value that is similar to the F-50 sand so we chose to use it to tell the layers apart better.  Before we called it a day we set up the first of our layer tests. The first layer test will have the F-65 sand on the bottom and the Lake Superior sand on the top. The column was placed into the first sand and then the second sand was added to the inside and outside of the column. The sand will be allowed to settle until we get to testing it tomorrow afternoon or thursday.
We also experimented with finding the porosity of the 2 sands. This was done by filling a graduated cylinder with a known amount of water and then pouring some sand into the column. Once the sand was allowed to settle, the level of the sand and the level of the water were measured to calculate the porosity.
Tomorrow we plan on going back out to Duck Creek to do some field work. I think we are going to go to a different place along the creek and will be doing measurements that are similar to what we did the last time we were there to compare the K-values at different parts of the stream.
F65 and Lake Superior sand

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