Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today we ran another layer set up. This set up was the same set up we did before with 6 inches of lake superior below 3 inches of F65. we were running this setup again because the experimental data did not match up with what the model predicted. looking at the results from todays trials, the layers acted in a similar way to what they did before. For monday, we set up the small cylinder with lake superior sand to run again. the data for the 3 different size cylinders was not quite what we were expecting. we are running this cylinder again to see if the results will be the same. We will feel more confident with the data if the results are the same as before. We also set up the medium cylinder with lake superior sand as well. In the medium cylinder set up, we placed the column in and added sand to the outside of the cylinder only. we will add sand to the column during the trials to see the effects the difference between the inside and outside levels of sand have on the k value. We have had situations where the sand level is higher inside than outside, as well as the sand inside being lower than the outside.

Tomorrow we plan to do some more work on the poster and perhaps start working on the formal presentation we will have to give in a few weeks.

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