Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Update

This weekend we went to a River Bandits game. We all enjoyed the game, even if the Bandits did get beat up pretty bad, as it was Rascal's birthday. Tonight we will be going to a star party where we plan on having a cookout and enjoying the day before observing the stars.

As our time for research is beginning to come to an end, we are focusing more on analyzing results and running tests that will enhance what we have already learned, or will indicate causes of error. In the lab we have been trying to narrow down what setups would be best to run that we believe will provide interesting and useful results based on all the tests we have done up to this point. Today we learned that putting marbles into the sand isn't having a consistent effect, if it is having an effect at all, on our calculated K values. With this knowledge we are turning our focus back to setups with different layers of sand and we are planning to run setups similar to ones we have run before to confirm results. Another important test condition we will be testing, so that future in lab falling head tests can be run more effectively, is that of the effect of the size of the outer glass container. Our models created through MODFLOW show that the size of the system has an effect on the K value that you measure, but we want to determine if this is a true noticeable effect in the lab.

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