Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Tuesday

Today we tested the last of the purchased sands using the falling head test. The next step in our project is to get the apparatus set up for the constant head test. We went to set it up today, but as we went to attach the required hose the silicon glue that was used to make the attachment water tight broke. To solve this problem we took a group trip to Menards to try to find other pieces that would work better then what we had. We ended up getting some new hose attachment pieces that actually screw together so we don't have to rely on the silicon glue to hold it together. The glue will still be used to make sure all the connections are as water tight as possible. The new pieces are larger than the piece we had before so the hole in the tube has to me made larger, which is a difficult process with the limited tools we have present in the room we are working in. Tomorrow is the 4th of July so we wont be meeting, but Thursday morning we plan on meeting in the Library to do some preliminary work on our poster while Susa makes her way back to school from the Chicago area. The plan is to do some work with the constant head test Thursday afternoon if the new pieces are attached properly by then.

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