Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The many uses of MATLAB

As we begin our research with experiments in the lab, we are also learning a whole new language on the computer. Learning the MATLAB language is a slow process, but one that should yield some useful computer simulations to compare with experiments done in the lab. To learn this coding language we jumped right in and attempted to reproduce diagrams using the code and a lot of trial and error. We started with some simple figures to reproduce and every time we would load the next image we had to reproduce we were sure we couldn't do it. Eventually though we would manage to get something right on the figure and everything else would start falling in place.

After reproducing one of the many figures I couldn't help but see the potential in the shape that I had produced. The shape was a solid rectangle with a triangle on top, and in my mind I couldn't stop myself from seeing a house. Feeling confident enough in my ability to use what little I had learned of this coding language I made it my mission to turn this figure into a full out piece of art using the MATLAB coding language.

I started with simply making a region of the diagram display as green while some displayed blue. In this I had created a lawn to accompany the house and sky. I couldn't stop there though, I then continued to code in a chimney to sit atop the roof of my house. With help from my other group members we developed a design for the front of the house and in time created a door and windows to brighten up the house. After taking a moment to admire the structure we all decided that the sky seemed very empty and that the sun would have to be created. Learning how to create circles along the way and determining how to most effectively use the code, a sun and bright rays of light were placed upon the figure.

While learning and taking command of MATLAB I managed to produce a solid piece of art. This is only the start to what I'm sure we will all learn is one of the many uses of MATLAB.

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  1. Fabulous! The image required vertical lines, sloped lines, circles, and multiple numbers (colors). It was a very creative way to improve your Matlab abilities. Nice job writing it up and relating it to the research project.